Materials Used in Impact Doors 


Materials Used in Impact Doors 

Floridians are accustomed to enduring severe weather. Driving is impossible in high winds, and power outages frequently occur. However, they can handle it easier if they are at home because of the impact doors in Fort Lauderdale.  

These people only need the proper tools to keep their homes secure at all times. Furthermore, using the appropriate materials shields their home from the elements and saves it from damage due to the hurricane.  

For individuals who want to change from regular doors to impact doors, this blog post will outline the distinctions between standard and impact-resistant doors.    

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What Makes a Door an Impact Door?  

Standard Doors  

They can be constructed from wood, aluminum, or a mix of the two materials. Additionally, the lock's placement is typically indicated by a point. This type of door is also put through security and threat tests. However, they fall short of other solutions in terms of strength. Wood and aluminum would break easily when exposed to strong winds and heavy rain. If this were to occur, the entire frame would break, allowing the strong winds and rushing water to enter your home.    

However, one advantage of choosing standard doors is that they are less expensive than the hurricane-resistant alternative. Impact-resistant doors are more expensive than standard doors mostly because they undergo additional testing and require additional materials. This additional testing is expensive, as expected. However, the investment will eventually pay for itself.    

Impact-Resistant Doors  

This type of door can withstand harsh weather conditions, unlike the standard doors made of basic wood and aluminum. These doors undergo extensive testing to ensure they won't break when hit by strong winds or water downpours. The doors have a polyurethane core and fiberglass coverings, which make them very resistant to the elements. Additionally, unlike standard doors, impact-resistant doors have strengthened hinges and frames.    

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Get Your Impact Doors in Fort Lauderdale!  

If you reside in Florida, you probably aren't surprised to learn that it’s the state where hurricanes most frequently strike. Despite this, people still want to reside in this area. After all, numerous attractions are available, including theme parks and beaches. However, the risks associated with these storms come with these amazing attractions. For all of your impact-resistant needs, you can contact us.  

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