Who Needs Hurricane Windows? 


Who Needs Hurricane Windows? 

If you reside in a location frequently susceptible to strong storms, you should install impact-resistant windows whether you are building a home or renovating one. These customized windows are made of many layers of glass connected by a film resembling plastic. The laminate layers, which resemble plastic, keep the panes together when a force that would typically shatter them is applied. Let's get into why hurricane windows in Jupiter are necessary.  

Impact-resistant windows can be installed by anybody concerned about storm damage, but those who live in Florida's hurricane-prone areas stand to gain the most. Moreover, the ones who can greatly benefit are the ones who need hurricane windows.  

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Benefits of Hurricane Windows    

It Prevents Burglars from Coming In  

Impact-resistant windows are necessary for several reasons, including the less obvious one that they deter criminal break-ins. Besides safeguarding your home and belongings from natural disasters, you must also be vigilant against criminal activity by thieves. Both of these areas of your home's security are taken care of by impact-resistant windows because thieves cannot break them apart and enter your house. Knowing that your windows are secure can give you more comfort inside and outside.  

Protects You  

Windows that can withstand impacts protect you and any family members that reside with you. You want to maximize security as much as possible because it will make the storm's effects even more damaging if someone is hurt inside the house.  

Hurricane windows can stop severe gusts and flying debris in their tracks, protecting everyone from harm. Additionally, they won't wind up breaking into razor-sharp glass fragments that could increase the danger within your house. Your windows' multilayer design is strong enough to withstand the worst weather without the need for additional coverings, so you won't even need to make haste preparations by closing shutters over them.  

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How Can You Tell if You Have Hurricane Windows in Jupiter?  

Since July 2001, impact-resistant windows have been a requirement for all new residences constructed in South Florida. Check your deed, including all previous owners and the years they owned the property, if you are unsure when your house was constructed.  

Also, impact-resistant windows have two reflections since they are comprised of two panes of glass. Wait till it is dark outside before trying this for a more precise result. Give us a call for more information!

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