Can You Use Both Hurricane Shutters and Impact Windows?


Can You Use Both Hurricane Shutters and Impact Windows?

Protecting your home from the elements is a key consideration when you own one. Having the appropriate hurricane windows in Boca Raton is essential to protect your home from strong winds and flying debris during a storm or intruders attempting to break in. Shutters and hurricane windows are two common options for homeowners, but to make a well-informed choice, it's crucial to comprehend how they differ.  

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Hurricane Shutters and Impact Windows  

What Are Hurricane Shutters?    

Exterior window coverings called shutters can be fastened to the window frame and closed when necessary. They provide additional protection for your windows during a storm and are often composed of wood, aluminum, or steel. Shutters can be used to control privacy and light in addition to protecting your windows and insulating them.  

What Are Impact Windows?    

On the other hand, impact windows are made to serve as your building's main line of defense during a storm. They are often composed of laminated glass, intended to remain intact even when broken, preventing harm to your home. Impact windows are a more secure option in a storm because they also have better resistance to breaking.  

Can Both Be Combined?    

Yes, you can combine the use of impact windows and shutters. Employing both can give your house many layers of protection against extreme weather conditions like hurricanes. Impact windows are made to withstand shattering and preserve their integrity even when exposed to severe wind and impact pressures.  

In contrast, shutters can be a physical barrier against flying debris and strong winds. By utilizing both, you may maximize your home's defense against the elements and raise your comfort level during severe weather occurrences.  

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Make an Informed Decision When Choosing Hurricane Windows in Boca Raton  

When deciding between impact windows and shutters, it's crucial to consider the features you want and the level of security you require. Impact windows may be your best choice if you reside in a location that frequently experiences hurricanes or other severe storms. Whichever solution you decide on, impact windows and shutters can give you peace of mind and safeguard your house during a storm. Call us!

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